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Octane, 87 ain't cutting it!

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The last tank I got of NJ's best crapola 87 fuel is giving me a sizzeling sound under load between 5-6k RPMs. Bumped it up to 93 octane tonight. Temps around 40f, will now be colder, low 20s.

Fingers crossed the super cures it.

Anyone else notice preignition/detonation signs/sounds?
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No knocking, but I get a little detonation right after I downshift. Nothing like the Ninja 650r. I don't think it is due to octane though. Actually, they lowered the compression in the 300 from the 250r.
Ninja 250r has a compression ratio of 11.6:1 and the 300 has a 10.6:1 ratio. The Ninja 300 should be more 87-octane friendly. If I thought I got some bad gas, I might put a little Seafoam in the tank too.
I do use cheaper gas from Buc-ee or Murphy Oil associated with Wal-Mart. 87 octane has been under $3 a gallon for a while now in Texas at these two stations. I've never had a problem, even with my carbureted bikes.
Once I changed over from Kawa break-in oil to full synthetic, my bike runs and sounds better. I really noticed that with my Street Triple r too. Synthetic oil plus getting it broke in seems to make some of the quirks disappear. It does take a while for the 300 to warm up. I idle it for 2 min. or so, then ride slowly in 1st and 2nd and 3rd gear for 5 min. keeping the rpms at 2000 and it still sounds and feels tight. It takes another couple of min. until the engine is hot and ready to wring out. I oiled my chain too. That didn't seem to be very well lubricated to me but it is a little hard to see cause the chain is kind of white and the chain wax is whitish too. Still, it didn't feel well-oiled. It is now though. The only quirk I have has already been reported and that is that the engine dies when coming to a stop or nearly dies. This occurs only when the engine is warm, but not hot from about 5 min. to 8 min. of riding. After that, no problem. Actually it's not a problem now cause I just give it a little throttle if I hear it about to die as I come to a stop sign.
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I can't say for sure. Lots of people use higher octane than is required and swear the engine runs better and improves mileage. Others say it ain't so. I use 87 octane in the Ninja 300, but premium in my other 3 bikes because they all require 90 octane (or higher) which means premium...93 octane here. Super is 89 octane. If I develop any detonation problems or dieseling, I might try the 89 octane, but so far the bike runs great on 87 octane. I buy my gas from Murphy oil associated with Walmart to get it 3 cents cheaper than anywhere else. Seems like good gas.
I went from 87 to 89 since I had the stall to see if it would help. Then back to 87. I can't say the higher octane made any difference in the stall or performance. Gas falls into the same category as oil, unfortunately with all sorts of unsubstantiated claims about one product being different or better than another. The 10 or 20 cent difference between 87 and 89 octane price isn't that significant. I mean the price of all gas goes up and down by that much quite often. But I know a few people who burn regular gas in machines that ask for high octane and they also swear the car/bike runs fine. If you buy a performance bike and the dealer fills it up for you, most likely he put regular unleaded 87 octane fuel in it even if it calls for 93 octane.
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