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I just installed a Motodynamic integrated tail light and an amazon fender eliminator. When the bike is on, the tail light doesn't light up but when I hit the brakes it does. The blinkers also aren't working and I think the 2 little running lights up front are also off. Everything related to the tail light was working until I tried messing with the plate light that came with the elim kit. I cut the stock plug off of the plate wires and at one point I had all 4 wires touching and turned the bike on and I believe that's when it started, there were no sparks or sound or smoke. I've read other threads about this exact problem and realized I'm an idiot who knows nothing about wiring/electricity and I shouldn't have been messing with it. All of my fuses look fine and I tried switching them out with the spares and testing, but nothing I've tried has worked. Right now the plate light wires aren't in contact with anything and all fuses seem to be fine but still nothing is working. So, all lights are working EXCEPT the front running lights (the actual headlights are fine), tail running light (actual brake light works), blinkers (none of them work), and plate light. I have tried unplugging everything and plugging back in the stock blinkers and tail light, same problem. All connections are good and everything was working before I messed with the plate light, so I think I shorted something somewhere.

I'll attach a picture, plate light wires are at the very top.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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