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Ninja300 2022 model 6 pin OBD pinout needed

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to clear engine check light,i need to connect obd reader to the diagnostic connector.The protocol used to communicate via the obd port is kwp2000 / iso9141.So far,what i know is that kawasaki communicates using only three wires of the obd port i.e 12v+,GND & K-Line.
Unfortunately, the Ninja300 2022 model is using 6 pin brand new OBD port like KTM/Suzuki etc.I am attaching pic below of the connector.Can anyone send the pinout??(Which is +12v/GND & the K Line)

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I'm not even close to an electronics expert but to find 12+ and GND why don't you just take a DC voltmeter and start probing??? I mean it's just positive to negative right? if you get it reversed the multimeter should tell you because it's polarized. not sure what a K line is but if it has a specified voltage like 5 volts, than you should be able to find that if you know which is ground right? what am I missing here?
Thanks for the reply.I already figured it out & connected a diy arduino based obd & reset error code…..
cool beans man, that sounds pretty cool, I just have one of those things you plug into the OBD and you read the codes off your phone
1 - 2 of 4 Posts