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Ah, I know where that is. We should work on a Norfolk ride once this funky weather gives up. :)

Re: Sunrise. **** fucking no. They seemed like nice people (and I live a minute down the street) until they told me they needed a $900 assembly fee. I was quoted 6,200 out the door (without the extended warranty) by them and one other shop down military highway.
Yeah would definitely love to be able to group ride with more than just 2 of my friends who are also brand new to riding. Gets kinda annoying having to ride behind someone with a permit that wants to check every 10 seconds to make sure you're still behind them while you're getting bored to death and they don't understand alternating the sides of the lane and all that other jazz. Oh and I think the worst is sitting behind traffic because they don't wanna use the power of their bike to switch lanes and GO when it's perfectly safe to do so.

Unfortunately, I did go to Sunrise. It was my only choice and my lady definitely would not have let me go all the way up north to grab a bike... I had even suggested it. But oh well. My "freight and assembly" fee was pretty much the same, but I told them I would only purchase it if they could get me the bike within a week. They pulled strings from a sister dealer in Northern VA and had it en route that night. So that kinda service made me favor them a little.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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