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Ninja 300 vs. cbr 500r

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I have read some posts in the past about the 300 vs. 500r and they were couple months ago last year. Only difference I see in them is the lil more hp and more acceleration and about $1k. I am still leaning towards the 300 but my friend told me to get the 500r. So since you guys have the 300 now, would you have chosen the 500r instead?

I just don't want to regret getting one then get upset about not getting the other.
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How do you fully judge a bike on the 1st day. Engines, Tires, everything breaks in. As a rider of a CBR250R who use to own a SV650, ZRX1200 and ZX9 I enjoy my bike. Its all about the handling and its a great handling bike period especially with new Diablo Ross II on. Its only on the freeway I miss the extra power. On the crowded city streets of Seattle the little thumper does just fine and torque hits very early. Tell you friend to break in the motor and hug a few curves.
The CBR500 feels like a Suzuki Bandit 600 1200 to me or a smaller ZRX1200. Not full sport not full tour. I just know its too heavy for my tastes. I doubt it will be faster than a Ninja 300 and handles worse. I think Honda missed the boat and should have had a CBR350 or CBR400 and make it a single and it would be one hell of a good street bike.
And you can throw a new CBR600RR my way any day of week and I will test it out for you.
I was between the Ninja 300 and CBR500R for months. First off, I used to ride a CBR250 so I knew how very fun hitting the curves are in these little bikes and to top it off the Ninja 300 has 50% percent higher HP. Sign me up, but then a part of me did not want to rev the engine high all the time and choose the bike with more torque. And boy does it have a nice torque curve. On top of that the freeway ride is really smooth and comfortable. I had wanted to get the CBR250R's next upgrade in 2014 or 2015 but just could not wait anymore. I wanted a new bike, even this late in the riding season.
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Get both is the soultion, combined its cheaper than a new Zx6r msrp.
Cough cough cheap build ? for one grand more the cbr500 is no where near some cheapness in the levers and dash of the Ninja 300. I dont play fanboy to any maker, use to ride a zx9 and zrx1200.

Much worse mpg, first fillup I got 59mpg, define much worse.
Its 2 different bikes, all these shootouts between the Ninja 300 and CBR500 are missing the point. I knew what I had to choose from when I was shopping between the 2.

The CBR500 was from my test rides is a sports touring bike, something you want to ride from Seattle to Portland and back on the weekends. Its feels bigger and is bigger and heavier with a bigger motor and a softer suspension. In my bike minds that's a sports touring bike.

The Ninja 300 should be compared to the upcoming CBR300/350/400 or whatever it comes to.

I choose the 500 cause I did not want to work that hard for my speed and rev as high. I did ride the 300 for a few blocks and well for hours and hours on the weekends a high revving bike is not for me in the end so I went with a bigger motor and a bigger bike.
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Well I am broad minded person, I don't slam low revving bikes or high revving bikes. If I had the money I would get the Ninja 300 as well as keep the CBR500r and ride each one on how I wanted to ride that day.
AT 65 mph the revs are about 5k. Redline is 8,500 rpm. Although it sounds like a cruiser rpm range when you ride it, it totally different.
I am just assuming Honda has to match or beat the N300 in CC size by at least 2015. Everytime I go to the bike shop, they are just sitting on CBR250s. Its selling lousy.
No pic except for the one in the previous page.
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