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Ninja 300 vs. cbr 500r

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I have read some posts in the past about the 300 vs. 500r and they were couple months ago last year. Only difference I see in them is the lil more hp and more acceleration and about $1k. I am still leaning towards the 300 but my friend told me to get the 500r. So since you guys have the 300 now, would you have chosen the 500r instead?

I just don't want to regret getting one then get upset about not getting the other.
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A lot of people are just getting defensive about their purchases in the face of what will likely be the first realistic competition for the 300.
I look at it this way. Ninja 300 is a great bike. No further defense needed to be made for its quality.

Who knows? The 500 may find its niche market. I personally kinda dig the cb500f. I always wanted the CB400 and the 500f could hit the spot.

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