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I got my SE a week after it was released (2 months ago) non ABS, i didn't wanna wait months and if you're living in Queensland and even NSW you're not gonna need them anyway. That slipper clutch and the brakes are brilliantly safe, no locking of the rear wheel whatsoever. If you happen to ride on icy roads as Victoria sometimes gets, well the ABS's are something worth considering. By the way i got the first SE delivered in OZ. Enjoy your ninjas everyone!!
That's an interesting theory. You only need ABS in icy conditions?

You do realise the ABS stops both wheels from locking up, not just the rear?

When i ordered mine early this month they gave me a rough run down on the waiting times to expect.
black or green SE - 3 weeks
white or ABS models - 3 months
When I bought mine (Almost 4 weeks ago), I was told from a few different dealers that the next shipment of black and whites with or without ABS are due in sometime in Jan. Could be bullshit but from multiple sources, seems legit.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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