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Second the oil stuff. Not that I have much experience with other bikes that much, but you should just check the oil level every time you start it up IMO. Small mistake that will one day cost you a motor like OP has.

Also seconding replacement motor.

As stated, these motors are plenty durable. Not quite enough power to destroy themselves, so long as the water and oil is flowing. If that were me, I'd pull the motor apart to learn a thing or two, but you could just dump it.

Im around 55,000 miles on my 300, and I put new piston rings at 40k. But while I was in there, checked how everything else was doing, and it's mighty impressive how tightly made this motor is. If you think about that, I calculated that my motor has spun around 400 million times. Not even joking. Lol. But yeah, top priorities on this bike was always to top off the oil and check the coolant res, do plenty of coolant flushes, and plenty of oil changes. And use a manual CCT, lol.

Good luck on hunting down a used motor!
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