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Ninja 300 modifications "India"

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Dear members,

I am from India and just got a ninja 300 ABS.

I am planning to add the following accessories/modifications. The only concern is how do I get them to India ? folks on this forum from India can shed light on it

1. Engine Ice Coolant.
2. MRA Light Smoke Wind Screen.
3. Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines.
4. DEI Heat wraps for Exhaust.
5. Ride On Tyre Protection System.
6. Scottoiler E System chain oiler.
7. All Balls Tapper Roller Bearings for Steering.
8. DEI Under Tank Insulation Kit.
9. DEI Insulated Airbox.
10. DMP LED Taillight

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Welcome to the forum Sanjay. I guess you should contact each particular seller and ask them if they ship to India. I bet the shipping from US won't be cheap.

Try eBay and Amazon as well.

If you're willing to get used parts, set an alert in the Classifieds in this forum. Someone may be willing to ship to India as well. Does UPS, FedEx or USPS deliver to India?

Good luck finding your parts.
I thought India was a huge market for the Ninja 300's? They still make and sell them there don't they? I figured you guys had more aftermarket goodies than us over here in the US. I think the typical places for aftermarket Ninja 300 parts like Spears Racing, HardRacing and Norton Motorsports will ship anywhere but the prices are high and like Topaz said, shipping will be outrageous.

Anyway, welcome to the forum and good luck!
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