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Ninja 300 DIY Video - Engine Oil Change

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My 2013 Ninja 300 had hit 734km so i thought i'd do the 750km service
It was a simple service, everything is relatively easy to undo and change and the parts were easy to get to


Oil Filter:
Pick one up from Repco for $8

I used Castrol 15w50 oil, but 10W40 is recommended for Australia in the manual
17mm Socket or 11/16inch socket

The stock oil filter was extremely tight to undo, use a leather or rubber glove for extra grip. Or use a strapping clamp to tie around the filter itself

The Sump took 2.4L when it was perfectly level on the glass level
Not my video or DIY but I found it on youtube. Could be useful for some! :D
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So much cleaner and easier than on the 250R
Not my video or DIY but I found it on youtube. Could be useful for some! :D
i feel privileged that you posted my video on here man :)

the change was very simple ! took no more than 15 minutes if that
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300 Ninja oil change info
One of the things I looked at before I bought the bike was crawl around it and make sure the oil filter and everything was easy to get to. A heck of a lot easier than some bikes I have owned. Of course my FZ6s I owned were really easy...they were naked bikes................thanks for the VIDs.
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