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Hi All,

I am looking to get the Ninja 300 next Week. I was at the dealer the other Day and the dealer Quoted the price of the Bike as 4999$ (4700+ 200$ for the Special Edition) + 9% Taxes + 100$ Registration Fee and 500$ Bike Assembling Fee. Totally it comes to around 6100$ which is really surprising for me as the MSRP is just 4799$ for the Bike.

Let me know how I can get rid of the Bike Assembling Fee?

Option A:

Walk into the dealer with a smart phone. When they start talking about "Assembly Fees" show them these 2 videos and say "I've put more effort into assembling an Ikea stool. Give me a screw driver and I'll put the windshield on myself."


Option B:
Spend $55 to join Costco and then goto the auto program's website and fill out the forms needed to get a dealer to contact you.

You'll pay
~$4999 + $150(cost co negotiated price) + 9% Taxes + 100$ Registration Fee. And if you follow the steps you'll get 20% off parts and accessories at purchase time, as well as a $250 costco gift card to use in store or online.
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