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Hi All
I am a brand new rider and would like to run a scenario by everyone to get some hopefully good feedback from the experienced guys. I am 50 years old, weigh 220 lbs and stand 5t10". I of course being a new rider have looked at the Ninja 250/300 and Honda CBR250. When I was at the Kawasaki dealer this weekend, he mentioned I should consider the 650r as well. The reason is that I will be using the bike to commute to work and that involves a good stretch of highway speeds at 100kph. The sales person said the 650r would be more stable on the highway and not get blown around like a 250/300 would. Also I want to do weekend over night trips with buddies from work. This would involve all highway speeds with mountain sections of riding. Again I am not sure of how the smaller 250/300 would handle the mountains?

Here is the kicker, I have been reading a lot of the questions on the forums about a great beginner bike. Most riders say to start on the smaller 250/300 and then trade up in a year or so to a bigger bike. For me unfortunately my wife had cancer and due to the disease we found out she will not be able to return to work for a long time if ever. So our financial situation has been changed dramatically. Luckily being a Paramedic I make a decent wage to support us and being the wonderful women she is she is allowing me to purchase my first bike as she knows how much it means to me.. However what ever bike I get will probably have to do me for quite a few years, as I will not have the luxury financially of starting on a small bike and then trading up to something bigger after a year or so. What ever I get will have to last me quite a while and do what I want of the bike which is commuting and sports touring. So thoughts, should I still go the 250/300 route or consider the 650r? Thanks again as usual for your fantastic advice.
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