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Front Brake Reservoir Cover - the same
Rear Brake Reservoir Cover -different
Rear Brake Reservoir Cover Guard (is the rear brake reservoir the same) -different
Chain Adjuster Cap (is the swing arm hole the same size) - same
Oil Cap - same
Front Brake Caliper Cover (are the calipers the same) -same
Frame Caps (for the holes above the rear sets) - have to double check but I think the same.
Stem Bolt - same
Clip-Ons -same
Passenger Footrest Set - don't know
Rear Sets - same
Front Wheel Axle with Spools - same
Rear Wheel Axle with Spools - same
Adjustable Brake Lever - same
Adjustable Clutch Lever - same
Rear Adjuster Plate - don't know
Pre Load Adjusters - same

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1 - 1 of 87 Posts
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