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newb intro

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hey all I just registered, name is Jason Hall, Crestview FL aka LA (Lower alabama). Got my 13 300 Sat. So far I have put on a slip on and a rear brake resevoir relocate and a couple other weight saving mods. V ery impressed with the bike. Im an off road/MX rider for 30 years but have had a few street bikes but never kept them. This one is the funnest so far. I cant believe how effortless it is to ride. My Last bike was a yami Warrior and was fast and even light for a cruiser but man this little ninja is easer to ride, more comfy for me and just fun!
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Welcome, put some pics up!
Welcome. I love the dirt as well. :)
Welcome and we like pics here.
Must be the riding position that makes it more comfy?

Welcome man!

What slip on did you go with? and where did you relocate your brake reservoir to?
Could you post some pics of these??!! ;D and model numbers
The slip on is the delkavic carbon fiber try oval. Looks like a copy of a Yosh. I got it off ebay for 209.00 It is light as a feather and with the baffle in does not really make the bike any louder, just a deeper throatier tone. The rear brake resevoir I shortened the line and moved it down to a bolt on the airbox just below the bottom bolt of the rear foot peg/muffler mount bracket. This cleans up the profile of the bike and saves a little weight by eliminating a a couple metal pieces and some hose. I will try to get pics up tomorrow. I'll be fabbing up a fender eliminator bracket tomorrow too. I will post pics as soon as I can get to it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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