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You can't. Tampering with odometers is a federal offense I believe. That's why you can't just change the mileage.

You can however replace the dash unit. When buying a used engine, see if the buyer is or can include the dash unit if that is important to you.

Otherwise, I would just keep your dash unit, and then make a note in your records that you replaced the engine at XXX miles and it had XXX miles on it at the time of install, and maintain it accordingly.

Afterall, vehicle titles have check boxes for things like "miles do not reflect actual miles on the vehicle" or to something of that nature. After 10 years (at least in my state) the DMV stops even caring what the mileage is. I recently bought a 2004 GSXR750, and I just left the mileage box blank, and got my new title with it blank as well. Heck, the digital dash on it didn't even work, so my engine must have more miles than the odometer says. It's fine.

Hope this helps.
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