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Hey guys, I just picked up a 2016 Ninja 300 with 4700 miles for a great deal and after lurking for some time I thought Id join the forum. I have already learned a lot and you guys have answered many of my questions without knowing it:)

I got the bike for $2500, a steal I think especially in todays used bike market (even with the scratched fairings). The previous owner was a new rider and lost his nerve when he dropped it. Besides the scrapes on the left side, a bent shifter and bent left handle bar shes in fine shape and perfect mechanically! Also a fan of still having the stock exhaust, I actually like how quiet it is and the way it sounds. It has a newer duro rear tire but still the stock irc front. Ill be looking to upgrade both though in the next few weeks as well as all of the regular maintenance.

Ive been riding for about 10 years and have had two ninja 250’s, a ninja 500, a zzr 600 and now this 300. I have found that I love the small displacement bikes and that they are so much more fun to ride.

Thats enough for now. Thanks for having me!

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