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Hey guys & girls
The name is Shannon, I'm looking at upgrading my Yamaha YZF R125 to something a little bigger.
It's been a great learner / starter but I'm running into a few issues with the fuel pump looks like ill be getting the third one put in this week.

So might be time to look around for a new bike and I wanted to get people's feelings of the 300 that already own/ride one and that may have ridden a few of the smaller bikes

Cheers Hosa

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G'day to you Shannon. The 300 is an awesome bike, take one for a test ride, i have no doubt when you return the dealer you will as them to buy it.

Also, in the N.T is the highways still open speed limit? i havent been thru the N.T for about 8 years now, just wanted to know if it has changed
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