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I decided to make a thread on this since this is my second set of headlights with the same problem. So I salvaged an EX 300 and wanted to do something different, since I basically started with a frame and power train. I wanted to convert this bike toward a streetfighter crossover type thing, so I wanted to fit the bike with some really cool goggle headlights. I eventually found these 3.5" LED projector lights with (really bright) LED halo rings around the projector beams.

So I have them wired such that the LED halo rings are my "headlights" to be one all the time, since they look(ed) really really cool, and the projectors are wired up to the "brights" switch. No issues from the LED projector beams, however several of the LEDs in the halo rings "cut out" after a VERY short ride. Some of the LEDs in the halos are still lit up, but not as bright as before and the "halo ring" itself is no longer a complete circle.

I am wondering if I may have wired them up incorrectly, although I did red wire to red wire and white wire to black wire? Another possibility is that the motorcycle may be supplying too much voltage or current to the LEDs, even though these are rated for 12V. This is my second pair of headlights on this bike (same model/manufacturer), and I am really hoping that this is my fault and not the headlights themselves because I want them to work, but also don't want to keep replacing them. Maybe add a resistor inline? Please help!

I've added some before/after pics.

UPDATE: It turns out that these headlights are just cheap crap made in China and the only thing to do about it is keep reordering and hope that you get a pair capable of withstanding the vibrations of a vehicle. It is not possible to open them up and fix the crappy soldering without destroying the housing etc... I plan to reinforce the brackets to reduce vibrations and hopefully the next pair(s) will last.


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