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My front end mods - Pics...

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I have people asking for pics of several of my mods, so I wanted to post a couple pictures of, now that the weather is finally decent for a day or two..

1) PlastiDip windshield - Looks awesome, still just as glossy as could be, check out the reflection of my garage in the pic, its all smudgy just because it needs to be cleaned, otherwise its flawless and totally reversible if I choose to peal off the plastidip..
2) Yoshimura Bar Ends
3) China made adjustable levers, for the 250R, fit is ok...
4) SSR Race Gas Cap, I bought this just because it was black :)
5) SSR Black Stem Nut

I would say I spend about $150 for all of this..

I am still debating clip ons, I want to keep my comfort but I would like to get them just to show off a pair of fork pre-load adjusters :)
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The plasticdip I used was just a flat/satin black, nothing special. The windscreen is shiny so you do not need gloss..
I got clip on's on the way now.. Dabating the fork pre-load adjusters.. Probably get them in red... Now I will also need something to fill the 4 holes where the old handle bars mounted...

Thinking about getting something like these: (not the brand, just the best pic I coudl find)

Just not sure in which color.. Red might make it TO much red on the handle bars if I get red fork pre-load adjusters..

I so I was thinking about getting some of the above fancy washers in black for the handle bar along as getting the same washers for where rear pegs mount, since I will be removing those..

What do you guys think???

I just dont like leaving open screw holes..
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