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While at the toy run yesterday we were informed there is a meet at 11am on 1st December at Anderson Park in townsville, near Kokoda Pool. They are having a Sausage Sizzle and want all riders to attend to show support for the 99% of riders who are just normal civilians. we have been asked to take along something we work with in our jobs or dress like we are at work. they dont care if you take the family in the car either. there is going to be a politician there whos name i cant remember at this point in time who will raise any of our concerns with the new motorcycle laws in parliament.

An interesting fact was also rasied yesterday, in the entire state of Queensland there is about 6% of registered vehicles are motorcycles, and in our electorate on its on there is 22% of registered vehicles are motorcycles. So there is a *LOT* of us in this part of the State so we need to do our part to be heard loud & clear.

I look forward to seeing some Ninja 300 riders there, i was the only Ninja 300 rider at the event yesterday that i saw, i didnt see any other N-3 riders at all.

So please come along and support the MRA


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