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Okay being as I paid cash for my bike and had to buy all new gear as I haven't had a bike in a long time, plus house payment other bills etc etc, not to mention Christmas coming up. I haven't had much cash to do any costly upgrades. I've done the front reflector removal, and went and bought bike stands to do rim tape (plus I'll need them for other things as well).

So I've been thinking what is cheap that I can do next??? I know I'll plastidip the windshield. I didn't just want to do straight black like everyone else, so it got me thinking about accent color and since I did red rim tape, I figured red will be my accent color. So I decided to do a 2 color windshield, went to home depot they had the black plastidip, but no red. So I talked to the paint lady told her what I was doing and she suggested I try another rubber type spray product called Rust-oleum Leak Seal that comes in clear then i could just use red spray paint on top of it. She wasn't sure if it would work so I bought an 8x10 piece of plexiglass as well to do a test with. (pics are attached hopefully in the right order).

So I painted the black plastidip where i wanted it to go and it came out fine (see pic)

Now to test the Rust-oleum on the plexi. I sprayed 2 coats on the plexi and it was pretty cloudy looking, for sure not see through, so I figured I'd not even try the red paint on it so i could return something for my money back. I did end up painting silver paint (already had a can from something else) on it as i had to see how it would look. Waited about 15 minutes and you couldn't see the silver through it hardly at all. So then i touched the paint as I want to see how "rubber" it was and found out I hadn't waited long enough for the Rust-oleum nor the paint to dry completely. So then I thought "well red is darker than silver, maybe it will show through". So this time I did 5 coats of the Rust-oleum, waited at least an hour for each coat to dry. At this point it was completely white there was no way the red was going to show through. Then I figured the red paint was like $4, it would cost me that in gas to return it, so I painted 2 coats of red on top of the Rust-oleum. (see pics)

So I think it came out pretty nice looking for not really taking my time doing it. The paint didn't go through the Rust-oleum at all, so I guess I will give it a shot on the out side of my windshield to see how it comes out. Worst case it looks like crap, I can just peel it off and order some red plastidip from amazon.

Doing all this got me thinking, "maybe I can use this on my fairings to add accent strips or something". So I thought i would try and do a red accent on the fairings where the green is on the SE model. (see pic that i copied from someone on the forum here... thanks.... :)).

So back to the "how much is too much" question. Is what I'm doing with the paint too much? I still want to add more red, like spools, bar ends, oil and gas cap, rearsets, ss brakelines etc etc.... where do i stop, i just don't know.


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