This is a 2007 Gsxr600 shock that I modified to fit my 300. I used it last summer and it works fine. No leaks and the adjustments work well. I have another one that was sent out to be rebuilt and revalved so I won’t be needing this one as it won’t fit with my new linkage anyway (see my winter project thread).
With the bushings for the top bolt (you will need an m10x65mm bolt and nut same as the gsxr600 oem top bolt) this should fit fine after you cut off the plastic airbox flap. The stock spring works fine for me at 185lbs and there is room to adjust preload either way. I’d guess it’s good for maybe 175-195lbs but that’s just a guess.
Will sell for $100 plus $25 for shipping (Lg priority flat rate box). Maybe $125 seems like a lot for one of these shocks but keep in mind it took me over 4 hours just to file and widen the bottom clevis, not counting drilling the clevis bolt holes and the top bushings out. If anyone cares, the top bushings are Crf shroud bushings drilled out to 10mm and they fit perfectly:)