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I put down a $100 dollar reservation for my SE ABS 300 in which the dealer has no freakin clue when kawasaki will send them one their way, hopefully soon though. I have been riding dirt bikes for the last 8-9 years or so, so i am no stranger to two wheels. Questions i have are about parts for the bike itself.

1) what are some of the better slip on exhaust systems out there, i have heard how a 300 sounds through youtube videos, but i am not to knowledgable when it comes to other exhaust systems.

2) what are your opinions on seat cowls? i think its very fashionable and since i am a new rider there won't be a need for me to take passengers anytime soon and idk if i ever really want to

3) if i have a brake light modulator and underglows, will that pretty much ruin my battery in a short amount of time.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated, it will help me to figure out if i need to start bundling some of this stuff with my loan that i am requesting to take out to pay for this bike
1) Whatever strikes your fancy really. Just keep in mind that they aren't DOT and EPA approved and are "technically" illegal. Don't do anything stupid on the road and you wont have to worry about it.

2) A cosmetic add-on that looks nice. Kawasaki actually did a decent job on their version and best part is, unlike the Chinese ebay knock offs, it's actually color matched to boot. If you are new to street riding and don't want to take a pillon around every once in a while, then getting the cowl is a good or bad idea depends on how you look at it. If you are set on not taking passengers, having that on is almost guaranteed not taking a pillion passenger. Good. If she was hot and you wanted to bring her back to your pad because she wants you to throw the honey badger down the hole and you can't now. Bad. lol :D I personally want a rear seat cowling and will probably order one before too long.

3) The modulator should not be overly taxing since you shouldn't be riding the brakes while stopped and the engine off. The body FX can do a number on a battery depending on how many and what their draw is. Modulating brakes ARE legal in almost every state. Body FX generally aren't unless you're in PA. While a good set of body FX are awesome looking, the potential of getting harassed by a cop having a bad day is high. He/she is looking for someone to vent at and you are a glowing ball of color that can been seen at night from a mile away outside of a city.

As with any mod, if you are worried about the legalities of anything, research federal, state, county, and city laws about any mods you want to do. Cops and the magistrate don't take "I didn't know" as a defense so you matter as well read up on it. Most of all,

Welcome to the both of you! :)
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