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I was wondering how many people were able to attend the Kawasaki Times Square Takeover back in September.

Kawasaki set up shop in the heart of Broadway between 45-47th Street. They had a full day of events including the unveiling of the new ZX-6R with the larger 636 engine and of course the game changer Ninja 300. Ricky Gadsen was there to sign autographs along with other riders in the Kawi stable of studs. Stunt riders showed their skill and left more rubber on Broadway than (insert joke here). They had the original Ninja that started it all back in 1986. You may have noticed that bike when Tom Cruise rode it in Top Gun. There was the Z900 from 1973 that some say was the first sport bike. My 8 year daughter had fun during the dance contest at the end of the night when they had finished giving away every sort of swag and freebie they had brought.

BUT the most anticipated attraction was when they gave away 2 of the aforementioned bikes. Everyone had the chance to text a code on their phone for a chance to win. It was funny when a petite lady won the ZX-6R 636 and a strapping tall lumberjack won the Ninja 300. Kawasaki also gave a new bike to City Harvest, a non-profit that feeds the poor and homeless, so that they could auction it off at a later date.

With this first and probably not to be duplicated event and the Demo Ride tour around the US (I attended the one in May in Deer Park, NY), it is clear that no other manufacturer (at least not the Japanese ones) is more customer focused and willing to bring their product to the public. Just compare their website with Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha and tell me they are not the premier company. From what I've personally witnessed, Kawasaki keeps raising the bar and dares the others to keep up.
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