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Times Square - the heart of New York City. This junction at Broadway and Seventh Avenue encompasses the drastic commercialization of America, delivering non-stop visuals to thousands of people on a daily basis. And due to the many shows stationed there, millions more are reached worldwide.
This power of commercialization is not only felt when arrives at Times Square, it can also quickly influence viewers on future buying decisions, whether it's a handbag, a bite to eat, or, in Kawasaki's universe, a motorcycle.
And after months of preparation that involved everything from health inspection clearance on special packs of green Kawasaki M&Ms to loads of insurance papers signed to bring motorcycles to Times Square, Kawasaki held one of the most impressive motorcycle unveilings to date last Thursday, aptly naming it "Ninja Times Square Takeover."
During this takeover at the place known as "The Crossroads of the World," Kawasaki grabbed a few hours of the world's global eye while unveiling its latest 2013 models - the Ninja 300 and the revamped ZX-6R, which returns with the larger 636cc engine.
Although an ingenious marketing strategy on Kawasaki's part, the event also had some underlying effects - it helped push the general image of motorcycling into the mind of Americans, something needed for an industry struggling due to the current economic condition.

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