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Hi everyone.
I want to modify my ninja 300 and found some cool ideas on the internet (pics below). Found all the needed part's, except for the headlight cowl. It seems to me like people just buy the stock zx6r 2013-2018 (and ninja zx10r) headlight cowl and fit it into the ninja 300. I mean... does it just simply... work? Doesn't it need any cropping or anything? Won't i need to also buy the zx6r headlights? Perhaps people use a different part that I am not aware of?

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting

(kawasaki zx6r stock headlight cowl)
Wheel Photograph Tire Green White

I also found this part for the ninja 300 but i think it looks terrible and that's for sure not what the ninja's 300 above are modified with.
Green Sports equipment Automotive design Headgear Font
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