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kawasaki ninja 300 Rear fender delete done

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I ordered a universal fender delete kit from Ebay and installed it tonight. It fits and looks great. It cost me a whole $30 shipped! I went for the version with turn signal mounts for two reasons, there is no integrated tail light available yet haha. And the other is on my last bikes I was busted for no physical turn signals and had to fight it in court. I always won because the court systems don't know the laws, as my local law says integrated tail lights are ok, because they come that way on cars but federal law trumps state law and that requires them. I decided this time i just want to play it safe and install some blinkers and not deal with the hassle. That being said i still need to get a set of blinkers and then work out what ever blinker relay issues i may run into if i go with led signals.

I am posting via phone now so i can not easily post pictures but i will do so the first chance i get. Same goes for the link to what kit i got it keeps just giving me a mobile link.
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Do you all think that the universal kit is the way to go or will there eventually be a 300 specific kit coming out?
There is a 300 specific kit on ebay, but its about 5 times the cost of the universal kit. With as well as the universal kit I have fits I see no reason to get a specific kit.. I am all for perfection on my projects and my kit is pretty darn close :)
I could not locate the 300 specific kit but at 5 times the price i'm over it. :)

just ordered the kit off ebay...thanks,
This is the kit off of eBay :


Tools you need:
Bike screw driver, wire splicing tool, and electric tape.

You have to:
Remove the stock fender
Bend the eBay kit bracket to fit perfect under tail.
Cut the wires from the stock blinkers (about 8 inches)and cut the tail light blinker wire off (you don't need it; the kit comes with led plate light)
Screw the stock blinkers or the ones that come with it to the plate attach wires ( twist them together )
Put electrical tape around twists clean it up and tuck neatly away behind plate.

I wish I took pictures step by step :(
But if you do decide to get this kit I will walk you through it but its fairly simple. I am not a handy guy and I put it together.

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For me, I it seems like the LED blinkers do not draw enough power. My turn signals do not blink properly with them. If I connect up the stock, it's fine. I might splice in some resistors to increase the load.
Is it flashing quickly? That's hyperflashing. Resistors work or a flash relay.
If someone could please explain how everything works I would really appreciate it I'm looking at changing my rear fender when I get my bike I wouldn't mind putting led indicators on my bike but I don't like the fact you have to add in flasher relays or a resistor, doing this u have to cut the wires? And solder it back together yourself or do u not need to with certain led indicators?

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Are there a total of 4 screws that hold the fender in place? Did you all loosen the nuts from underneath?
Okay, i'm feeling like an idiot....I have the fender hanging by the wires but can't seem to figure out the next step....am i supposed to disconnect the turn signals and if so, how? I removed the little screw inside that looks like should have loosed them up but it didn't.
I've seen a few bikes have the plates between the rear tire and the lower fender near the supension. I had it like that because they told me it was a ticket but the more I pay attention to other riders they have it like that. So I'm thinking of going back to the way I had it.
Does this screw need to come off to remove the blinkers from the housing? I'm trying to retain my stock blinkers.
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Just finished install. I found a kit off of eBay, and just used the stock blinkers. It's a very clean look!

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Can you post the link to the ebay seller? I'm keen to keep the stock electrics.
The link is a few posts up. Post #24

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What did you guys do with the wire and light for the Plate? Just chop it and stash it away?
Is it flashing quickly? That's hyperflashing. Resistors work or a flash relay.
Nope it just clicked on and stayed on.
Some pics of my fender eliminator. I'm not even 100% sure I mounted it right but it seems to work. This was a universal kit off eBay which required me to get a flash relay. Also, just a reminder that this mod does effect the flasher indicators on the dash. Mine pretty much just stay on when I hit a signal:
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