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This is the kit off of eBay :


Tools you need:
Bike screw driver, wire splicing tool, and electric tape.

You have to:
Remove the stock fender
Bend the eBay kit bracket to fit perfect under tail.
Cut the wires from the stock blinkers (about 8 inches)and cut the tail light blinker wire off (you don't need it; the kit comes with led plate light)
Screw the stock blinkers or the ones that come with it to the plate attach wires ( twist them together )
Put electrical tape around twists clean it up and tuck neatly away behind plate.

I wish I took pictures step by step :(
But if you do decide to get this kit I will walk you through it but its fairly simple. I am not a handy guy and I put it together.

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For me, I it seems like the LED blinkers do not draw enough power. My turn signals do not blink properly with them. If I connect up the stock, it's fine. I might splice in some resistors to increase the load.
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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