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alrighty well first off I'm pretty familiar with Bikes Been riding/fixing for a lil over 10yrs now But this is my first Kawasaki which is a lil Bit diff than my old CBR. And so the problem I'm having rn is that I made a trade for the Bike & than decided to move to TX with my sis. But of course I had to lose my only set of keys during the move! So now I'm just a sitting duck with no transportation to find work or stay on my grind. So I've Been watching videos on hot-wiring kuz I just Kant afford to do a whole new ignition at this point in time (will replace ignition with key-code my financials are Back comfy) Anyways so I took a piece of wire spliced on Both ends & stuck em in the + - ports of my ignition harness & this did work But I only gained power to Gauges, L ights, Horn etc. So what I soon realized was that my fuel was not priming! After research I learned Bout the Anti-Theft Immobilizer Which of course will not send the lower voltage needed to the starter relay. Im in need of the EASIEST/QUICKEST solution, whether that B somehow Bypassing the immobilizer or just completely removing the whole ignition harness & going keyless!? At this point it is an EMERGENCY with it slowing my funds & piling up my Bills, plus I just wanna ride B4 its too damn kold to even do so............ Any & all information is Beneficial at this point, Please & Thank You!!!!
Even if you hotwire the bike, how are you planning on breaking into the gas tank to fill it up?

So... I'm just going to reiterate this: using the forum search could've saved a lot of time. ;)

The keycode is stamped on the damn bike, right there in the open, you just gotta know where to look: Lost keys, bad dealership experience.

Do I think that's the smartest thing Kawasaki has ever done? Definitely not.
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