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Kawasaki Faces N.H.T.S.A. Inquiry Over Possible Stalling Issue

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NY Times article:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a possible stalling problem that could affect almost 10,000 Kawasaki motorcycles. The inquiry covers 2013 Ninja 300 models, according to a report posted on the agency’s Web site.

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It is B.S.

I had mine done at a dealership closer to me than the one I purchased the bike at.
Go to the dealer you want to have the work done and show them the recall letter.

Then call the dealer you purchased the bike from.
Ask them again
Then tell them they are lying and they just lost a customer
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Hey? I know this is 10 years old, but US bikes fed with EFI are under the California dot requirements where your bike smog emission pipes are configured different to euro spec smog piping, where if you guys fill up the fuel tank to the brim? It can overflow into this different configured smog piping, causing start up failures & engine snuff out's? Where even 10 years later, this fault is still no different, unless you deleat the entire anti smog set up?
121 - 123 of 123 Posts