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Kawasaki 300 Ninja Do-It-Yourself & How-To Thread

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Welcome to the Kawasaki 300 Ninja Do-It-Yourself & How-To Thread

The Goal is to make new threads and link to them. If you see anything in this FAQ that needs it's OWN (or already has) thread please let me know OR create one and PM me the link. Please be careful to NOT create a new thread if it is already linked to in this thread.

This thread is intended to have step-by-step instructionals, links to helpful sites, and useful threads pertaining to many of the most commonly asked questions here for your 300. Thanks to the users for their contributions in the past and please continue to add more in the future. Everyone who posts and has something added to the Do-It-Yourself & How-To Thread will be credited along side the link. If we forgot anyone please let us know.

How to add something to the Do-It-Yourself & How-To Thread?

If you have anything that you would like added to this list, or to report broken links, please use the report post to moderator function.

1) Lighting & Electrical
2) Brakes, Suspension, & Steering
3) Bodywork, Painting, Exterior...
4) Engine, Exhaust, & Ignition
5) Transmission & Clutch
6) Maintenance
7) Wheels & Tires
8) Miscellaneous

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1) Lighting & Electrical

How to install BKMoto HID Projectors - borka

How to remove stock headlight assembly - Davethecanuck

how to mount BKMOTO HID inverters - reyvax7

http://www.kawasakininja300.com/for...d-install-part-1-side-panel-seat-removal.html cfrp

http://www.kawasakininja300.com/for...430-lighting-system-diagram-part-numbers.html Rekognize

Add a Stebel Nautilus AirHorn to your ride Cruizin

Add Dual Horns to your ride - Scuzzy

Brake Light Modulator (DIY Wiring & Plug & Play)- Rekognize / Cruizin

Led Lights for show bike look - AdamJH

BMW Under seat power socket - Cruizin

LED Flasher replacement (run LED indicators that actually flash and not stay on solid) - Colbezze

How to disassemble bike & replace flasher relay - Brady

Why does only one headlight work on low beam? - 1loyal

DIY LED Licence plate frame - Captain

Audio / Speakers - waterproof music while riding - Seagon

Clock Resets when press starter - vandammages

Changing headlights & parker bulbs - BenL

Parker bulbs flicker? - Twix

tailight with led brake & indicators
- matt214

tail light with led indicators - purchase from Hard Racing

replace stock parker lights - neldar

replace stock H7 Head light bulbs - Aurodox

battery dead? push start it? - Joet347

Running Lights - falseljd

Flashing Hazard Lights / Indicators
- Cycle Randy

Both headlights together at same time - cruizin

Turn Signal - indicator - bulb replacement - RCPlayland

Ninja 300 with ZX-6R Headlights - Peanut_EOD

Cant get blinkers / indicators / licence plate light to work - Kolkim

LCD too bright (speedo)- xtrapsi

Learn about electronics - cruizin

Swap 636 headlight in to 300 - reyvax7

636 head light in 300 , photos to show light beam difference at light - Aurodox

Fuse Replacement / Fuse Box where is it? - Squidstains
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2) Brakes, Suspension, & Steering

How to install lowering Kit Yamirider

DIY Brake Pad Replacement Rekognize

FREE Weighted Bar Ends for Clip-Ons- Rekognize

DIY Weighted bar ends - reduce bar vibration - Cruizin

Bar weight recommendations - Supersport

Woodcraft Clipons
- Peanut EOD

Woodcraft Clipons - Tips - Arcade16

Woodcraft Clipons Install video/tips - Silvertear

Driven Clipons - ChainLash

Steering Wobble, Head Bearings - Old3

Steering Stem removal tool - Cruizin

Head Bearing replacement with Photos (supplement above thread) - AdamJH

Warning signs your steering head bearings are kaput - learner

Steering Head Bearing Kit - Hard Racing

Rear Shock Preload Adjustment - Rekognise

GSXR Rear Shock Install - Old3

GSXR Shock install - step by step - DeltafoxtrotZulu

GSXR 4 Piston Tokico Brake Caliper - Old3

How to Remove Bar Ends - blewy

Yoshimura Bar Ends - cbzdel

Pazzo Racing Levers (short) - aesthetic

SSR Tripple Tree Nut - cbzdel

DIY Handlebar Raisers - jaybo

Handle Bar Risers - Black Path
- Cruizin

Raising Links to lift bike - ahamay

Swingarm spools on a budget , once used, remove - basil

Heated Grips - Rekognize

Installing new bar grips - mburff

Installing SSR Preload Adjusters - silvertear

Install Gold Valve Cartridge emulators in forks - Old3

Rear brake switch sensitivity how to adjust - twisite

Progressive fork springs - Cruizin

Stainless Steel Brake lines for ABS - travvy87

How to unlower your lowered 300 - tachyiam

DiY fork caps - Silver

Instructions for Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators - warning
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3) Bodywork, Painting, Exterior

How to install Targa Fender Eliminator Kit -DaveTheCanuck

Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Kit - JxStarLA

Mustard bikes fender eliminator - aesthetic

Custom fender eliminator & tinted screen - 00gt1

http://www.kawasakininja300.com/for...fications/222-diy-front-reflector-delete.html kegan

Make your own Fender Eliminator - brady

$10 Fender Eliminator - StrangerDanger

http://www.kawasakininja300.com/for...ce-maintenance/429-fairing-removal-guide.html Rekognize

How to fix fairing popping out cbzdel /Nonbock

Remove Windscreen - Jaxus88

How to plasti-dip screen - brady

How to Remove rear fairing - Bran7701

Carbon Fibre Wrap Fairing - Rekognize

Tank Pads - kawisergeant

Gripster Tank Grips - JxStarLA

Genuine Kawasaki Tank Pad - Jujarso

Tank slapper protection kits - Spicynuggets

http://www.kawasakininja300.com/for...336-how-fix-scratched-fairings.html#post54602 - Cypherz

Remove Quick Rivets - Mitta300Ninja

Tinted Windshields

Show off your screen / windshield - Xorro

Puig Windshield - phrentiK

HotBodies Double Bubble Windscreen - Jujarso

ebay double bubble screen - wifesninja

MRA screen - craigsfiero2007

Corbin Seat - Delnari

Improvements for stock mirrors - jerros

Ventura Rack - cruizin

Ventura Rack & 48 Litre top box - ninjaman3012

SW-motech tail rack - old3

SW Motech rack & coocase - gammagirl

Long Trip Luggage - old rider

Luggage in general - old3

How to remove Fairing - Rekognize

Front Reflector Delete - kegan

Mirror Extenders - Cruizin

Remove Vibration thru pegs - Rubber - Cruizin

Yoshi Frame Slider install - ElJayWilson

Shogun frame slider install video - Bran7701

Install OEM Kawasaki Frame Slider - yamirider

Rubber grommet replacement alternative for fairing - cruizin

How serious is this scratch / scratch removal ideas - meds

How to remove under seat storage tray - Xorro

Rear seat cowl assembly - 2013 kawi girl

show us your plastidip handiwork - Jtackm

plastidip guide - icon1k

Genuine Kawasaki Ninja 300 Tank / Tail bag overview - Cruizin

Flag Mount - reggae5

Inner Fairing / Cowling install - Squidstains

Remove upper fairing / headlight assembly - Squidstains
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4) Engine, Exhaust, & Ignition

http://www.kawasakininja300.com/forum/9-ninja-300-parts-accessories/71674-smog-delete-write-up.html mattmid

http://www.kawasakininja300.com/for...ance/183-idle-speed-adjustment-how-video.html 2013 Kawi Girl

Engine makes a whistle sound or Pinging sound after turn bike off

Screwdriver key mod
- cbzdel

Engine Break in - JamesBond

Removing and Preventing Rust from Exhaust - pastry

Power Commander Install

Slipon Exhaust for looks & sound - Jeff

Yoshimura Muffler Bracket - CodyTravers

Exhaust Rust - Matto

Exhaust Rust - Removal - Pastry

Valve Shim Calculator - Cruizin

5000 oil change interval & a $35 bill - phrentiK

How to install Power Commander 5 & Calibrate PC5 to throttle - Cruizin

Fuel Capacity - stringer

fabricating a quieter dB killer for exhaust - jeff

fogged oil sight glass - gidroe

engine oil level? - mpar6704

what gas (fuel) does 300 use - zimzim

best gas (fuel) for bikes - SpicyNuggets

Radiator Guards / Protectors - Bill

Pod Filter - Hate Sneezing

How to change coolant - guambra2001

Accidentally put Diesel in Fuel/Gas Tank! What do it do? - FilthySudo

Throttle Cable sticking & twisted - Cypherz

Reusable oil filter - cbzdel

Temp gauge - ghost3773

Stock Exhaust Decat - bundy

Whats the numbers metal tag that came with your keys? - Snowcrash

Quick turn throttle - Change throttle tubes - Chevyguy4321

ABS & ECU Recall - Koreo

t-rex exhaust slider - Kairus

Full tank of gas (fuel) reads one bar down - gammagirl

Removed Right fairing and found a lose hose , coolant hose? The hose is not connected at one end - trgthanh

How to change your oil - Thisguy

Chain Gun exhaust - Kurt

Oil leak on side of motor / excessive chain lube / the great engine oil level debate - Aurodox

While bike is off it makes a whistle or moo sound from near fuel tank- Ash

What fuel does our bike use??? - DavetheCanuck

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8) Miscellaneous

I dropped my helmet, what do i do??? - Icon

DIY Custom Sheepskin & Gel seat pad cruizin

Terry Adcox custom seats - doggiepooch

Preparation Manual- Rekognize

Owners Manual USA

DIY Throttle Lock cruizin

Anti Fogged Visor - fishdip

Toolkit upgrade - Police2meetyou

Tips for new Riders - cruizin

Backpacks - mat214

More backpack info - Nathanxb

Key Tags - KeepPace

Place a face to a Name - This Girl Rides

Clutchless up and down shift - Cruizin

Gear shift protector - Nickell

Grip Puppies - Reduce vibration thru handle grips - Tony97

Ninja 250/300 Parts that are interchangeable - Znismspeed

Washing & Chain lube - Phibreoptix

Twist the Throttle - Behind Kawasaki - Documentary
- Cruizin

How to pick up a dropped motorcycle of any kind - Cruizin

Fuel Mileage(MPG) - What owners are getting - Torchsport

Posting & You (
this should be a requirement for every new user to watch.) - phrentiK

Overheating & Heat soak, should you worry??? - Brother Michigan

Signals for Rider Communication - 2k14

DIY Throttle lock - ratebuster

How many miles / kilometres are on your ninja 300 - kendu2412

Riding Play List - Spicynuggets

What is the 300 top speed?? - cfrp

Will this part void my warranty - cbzdel

Temperature Sensor for Blinker Fluid - Rekognize

Screensaver/Desktop images of the Ninja 300 - iJonesz

Shark Audio System - mburff

Load limit / maximum carying capacity - Artiviks

Trip Planning and map / tracking - app ideas - skinnyinto

Your weight & height & can you put the feet flat on the ground? - Sebi

Commuter Shoes - rohitbade

Camera mount ideas - Cruizin

What camera do you use to record bike stuff with? - cruizin

Get to know your Moderators - This Girl Rides

Ninja 300 Stalling Issue - Qwiggs

File a Vehicle Saftey Complaint in USA about the stall issue - Mistic107

Whats *right* with your Ninja 300 - cruizin

Show us your helmet - cfrp

What way do you make your bike lean?
- cantwaitformyride

What gear to ride in??? - GaryWA

Waterproof socks & Gloves - Cruizin

Tips for taking a pillion / passenger on your bike - oxxxeee

Emergency Medical Information Card - oxxxeee

What to do with your old stickers / decals form upgrades / mods - robhan91

17" laptop bag / backpack - Jamess

Riding boots & reviews, what do you wear - Cruizin

Lets see your tank bag - cbzdel

How to embed photos - Muilisx

Set your location details click this

http://www.kawasakininja300.com/for...ssories/22290-garage-door-opener-install.html - Elayex

Another garage door opener - Sysknight

Can you strap your helmet on with gloves on - oxxxee

Audio inside your helmet - phrenetiK

cycle-ergo.com - a tool for simulating a riding posture on any motorcycle or scooter

how to modify your signature - filthysudo

fork leak repair - old3

How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb/lamp?? - bryce

Anodised aluminium how to change colour - Nathan

How to slow down crash videos from youtube to just 0.25% - Cruizin

How to post a youtube video and embed it
- cfrp

Iron Butt Association dedicated to safe long distance travelling via motorcycle

Ninja 300 Details and Features - kawasaki ryder

Kawasaki USA Tumblr site to submit photos of your bike- Sly_Raskal

Mobile Phone mount to clutch - TC024
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