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Lets see, reversible circlip pliers are nice to have handy.

Push the rear caliper inwards with your knee SLOWLY to press the piston in, opening up the brake pads.

Remove cotter pin in rear axel nut.

Loosen that nut.

Remove sprocket cover on engine, remove bolts holding the speedo sensor, remove the sprocket circlip.

Loosen the axel adjuster lock nuts and the nuts under them.

Push rear wheel forward in the swingarm slots.

Lift the chain off the rear sprocket.

Fish the chain off the front sprocket and slide the sprocket out of it, noting the orientation of the flange.

Replace with new sprocket. Re-fix the chain to the rear sprocket.

Replace sprocket circlip. Replace speedo sensor and cover.

Get out the manual, follow the recommended procedure to adjust the chain.

Torque axel, replace cotter pin.

Pump the rear brake several times to reset the caliper piston.

If you are unsure of chain tension, better to err on the loose side.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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