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Installing a slip-on...

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...was pretty easy. The only silly part was taking the old one off :)

What, you thought this was an advice thread? B-)

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I really liked the sound of the Area P muffler (the larger/longer one) I could care less about how "loud" it is, im more concerned with tone and performance and it sounded great! very throaty and deep.
so i know it's been done before but i thought i'd make my own just because why not?

http://youtu.be/zA0ncNvD_w8 no sound baffle in

http://youtu.be/-zgpkRbjwbg sound baffle in

obviously i prefer the no baffle but in consideration for my neighbors i put the baffle back in

PS i did mine in 1080p but my stupid phone was receiving texts the same time i was recording so it may stutter a bit; not certain :/
Video is private. Gotta make it public.

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hmmmmm interesting i say interesting
try now
No baffle works, but the second one with baffle in is still private.

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I'm pretty sure I'm going To go with no baffle. But idk. Will have to hear it in person. Mine came in the mail today. :)

I'm gonna have To wait to put it on tho, I'm moving this weekend. Urgh.

Did you happen to fire it up without an exhaust on it?

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nah it was getting dark outside relatively soon so i wanted it on ASAP.
Didn't get mine today :mad:
I think I'm going to start carrying a, hex key to work with me lol. I love the sound of baffle gone but as I'm about to leave work I don't need to awaken the neighbors and cause incident accidentally

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It wouldn't be that loud for normal daylight operation but keep in mind the time I posted that...

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Said screw it to moving today.... Which I know I'm going to regret it tomorrow...

But it's worth it for I put my Exhaust on today. IT'S SICKKKK!

I kind of like it with the baffle in tho, has a... Growl to it. But I rode it around with both and I like the baffle out more on the road. He baffle in at a cruising speed it gets quiet.

Also, I fired it up without the exhaust on, sounds similar to the no baffle sound.

But I love it. Can't beat it for the price.

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Oh. And mine PIA parts where getting the bolt in from the big ring that goes around the exhaust, and that damn spring thing. Taking off the OEM exhaust wasn't bad, just had to use a little muscle.

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Just Installed the Two Brothers Black Series Full Exhaust with PCV that has the Ignition Advance built in. Or could even recommend the Two Brothers Slip On too.. Even with a Slip on you are going to NEED a PC5 because of the LEAN MAP that is on this bike... Needless to say. This things ROCKS MAN! Has the tuning, the sound, and the neat styling too. NO REGRETS! Worth EVERY DOLLAR SPENT on this setup. IT WORKS:):D! RECOMMEND THE FULL SYSTEM! GO FOR IT!

Ninja300 Stealth


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