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Ideas for locking up the bike?

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What devices do you guys use to secure your bike? Chains, locks, rotor locks, alarm? Or is it fine just to lock the ignition?
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I carry my cable and disk lock in my tank bag. I then attach the tank bag to my backpack using the D rings on both bags with carabiners. Also have the insurance and have given my insurance a list of all things that are on the bike so if it does get stuffed into a van, I'll get a payout for the security equipment lost as well.
I agree with insurance... sure its annoying to be without your bike for a few weeks/months while waiting on a claim but what is more annoying, that, or the hassle of lock and chain 1000's of times. Not to mention you get a brand new bike or a fat check towards a upgrade :)

And yes as they say, if they want it they will get it.
Although the insurance gets you a new bike, it doesn't necessarily get you the bike you lost, or the work you put into it. I'd still like to protect against that loss, especially when parking in a high risk area like a condo. If you park out of view at your house or in a private garage, you may not need a big chain + disc lock like me.
anybody know any good places to chain up to the frame? I can't find any open places where the frame is exposed
I live in the city and the probability of me walking outside one morning and my stuff being not there is pretty good so...

- I use a Xena XX14 disc lock on my rear wheel. (I honestly hate the damn lock because it's such a hassle to get on and off, not to mention the alarm has a habit of going off when i'm attempting to put it on/off)

- I've got a NY Forgeddabout it chain/lock but usually can't use it due to not having an allocated parking spot I can use the chain to lock the bike to.

- Scorpio R-link alarm with GPS tracking (if someone does steal it, suprise...you got busted)

- Oxford RainEx motorcycle cover (it's generic, keeps the bike covered and it's silver so idiots driving at night won't mistake it for an open parking spot) I lock the cover through the rear tire so that if anyone tries to get it off it'll set off the xena alarm.
I use trunk monkey
Oh yea, trunk monkey is the best.

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Sorry for resurrecting a year-old thread. Searched through the forum and could not find the answer for the same question asked below:
anybody know any good places to chain up to the frame? I can't find any open places where the frame is exposed
Indeed, what is the good place to place a lock on the frame? Am I as bad in searching the forum as looking for an opening on the bike frame? :redface:
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