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Ideas for locking up the bike?

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What devices do you guys use to secure your bike? Chains, locks, rotor locks, alarm? Or is it fine just to lock the ignition?
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Trip mines and an angry squirrel

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I have a Xena XX-14 rotor lock and alarm combo as well as an Akita Chain lock that goes through the frame and Dowco covers and connected to my cruiser.
Fork locks are very easy to break even for a single person without tools (just get in front of the bike, front wheel between your legs, grip and twist), so that's certainly not enough.

If you're going to leave your bike outside for any amount of time (i.e. overnight or more), I'd suggest a locking cover and disc locks at the very least. If you can manage it, I'd get a concrete anchor, too.

Personally, even with my bike in a garage, I use a locking cover all the time.
Started off with a chain around the rear wheel through the pillion foot peg holder thingo and then through where the chain was.... was quite effective till i got sick of putting it on.... then had a disk lock for a while on the rear, got over it. Just use the ignition lock unless parking somewhere sketchy :D
Insurance.....best protection ever, but make sure to take a picture of your lock system so you can show your agent what you used to lock it up with. If someone wants the bike, they are going to get it, a large chain or thick cable fastened to a non movable heavy object is preferable. Just locking your bike under a tarp or cover won't protect it, i've seen a couple of guys pull up next to a full sized harley and just push it sideways over onto a 6 X 8 trailer, they obviously didn't want it for more than anything but parts, took them about 20 seconds.
I use a bully horseshoe lock with built in alarm that also came with a pager that goes off if the lock is moved and goes off. The pager works up to a half mile away. I will post a pic in a little of how I place it on my bike/wheel to make it more effective.
I have the lock wedged between the fairings and the tire which holds the lock about 3" off the ground. With the ignition lock the steering still has a little play in it and if it is turned the slightest the lock will drop causing it to sound. It is reliable too, even if someone knew it was there and tried to keep it still it would be nearly impossible. I'm not to far so be prepared to find me furious if you set it off! Ha


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I did a google search on the bully lock and found a YouTube video of it. But didn't find where to get it?

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Nevermind. Originally I searched bully horseshoe lock. Searching bully motorcycle lock brings up everything I need!

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I'm planning to buy good chain with padlock and disc lock with an alarm.
But I'm not sure what chain size should I buy. Only need it to lock my bike near my office and it's better for me to store chain and locks under the passenger seat.
So, does anybody know what is the biggest chain can be stored under the seat?
Maybe some suggestion which manufacturer to choose?


(sorry for my English :))
Honestly if you plan to have the chain actually prevent theft then any chain that you use that fits in the passenger seat won't do anything. The only chain that would fit in there would be something someone could easily cut with a pair of pliers. The disk lock will probably good if your office is where you can hear the alarm, then you could be out there before they get away with your bike.
We have guys that go from just a disc lock, to Scorpio alarm, to the Kryptonite GPS system and alot of guys even get the Fahgettaboudit chain.

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I plan to get the Kryptonite New York Legend (15 mm round chain - 3t hardened steel) for when I park at my condo. Condo parking seems to be a nice place for bikes to steal, so I want the biggest baddest chain and lock I can get. Plus a rear disc lock with alarm for the garage and when riding around.

If they really want it, they'll have to risk a stupid loud power tool in a parking garage, or bring some massive bolt cutters, and then deal with the disc lock wailing at them.

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How do you carry the locks with you if you park at a store like Home Depot? Do you just use a disc lock or not worry about it if its for less than 45 minutes?
I think most disc locks can fit in the tiny ninja trunk for when doing local runs. However, If I'm shopping, I'm gonna have a backpack with me regardless. But hell no is that chain going anywhere with me haha.

As for time. I think anything more than 20 mins and I'd probably slap the disc lock on, but we shall see how lazy I get.
How do you carry the locks with you if you park at a store like Home Depot? Do you just use a disc lock or not worry about it if its for less than 45 minutes?
There are a few smaller locks out there, like these disc locks that have alarms
110db is VERY loud!



This one is without an alarm and affordable

Just do a goodle or yahoo search on motorcycle disc lock and you will see tons!

Also hit up Ebay for some...
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I have a disk lock for parking at work. At home I just keep it locked under the carport in the backyard. I don't worry too much about it honestly. I pay insurance premiums for a reason.
I agree with insurance... sure its annoying to be without your bike for a few weeks/months while waiting on a claim but what is more annoying, that, or the hassle of lock and chain 1000's of times. Not to mention you get a brand new bike or a fat check towards a upgrade :)

And yes as they say, if they want it they will get it.
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