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It's here! my beautiful, brand new, pitch black Ninja 300.

The weather didn't seem too bad today, just snowing a little and it was melting on the ground.
We got to the dealer and handed me the keys while they made pictures of it as they told me i am most probably the very first owner in the Netherlands with this model as they didn't hear of any sales as of yet.
It will be posted on Facebook soon and i will add it here as well.

I was getting ready to drive it back and once i started the engine king winter decided to dub my new bike as well.
The white flakes got bigger and started to cover up the ground rather than melting. But i got on the bike with determination and took off with my buddy driving my car in front.

Along the way i had to stop for a smoke and to warm up in the passenger seat for a moment (more water stains in my car, yay).
The ice was formed on my chest, shoulders and sun visor (which i had flipped up for the ride today).

After the smoke i got out, we had to continue driving before the roads were totally covered up.

We had to go through Amsterdam towards the highway and the wheels didn't slide one bit on the layer of snow beneath them, not even on the white markings and steel ridges in the road.

We got off the freeway without much problems, but my shoes (combat boots rather than MC boots) were soaked with water, and had ice formed on top as well, so my toes were getting numb and painful.

After getting home i had to break the ice from my suit, it was on there pretty solid.
Almost at a crawling pace, i went inside to get a fresh set of clothes and quickly turned the shower on my feet on a very low temperature to warm them up just a bit before changing.

This was my first ride in years, and very first in a pretty heavy snowy weather.

And, the best thing of all... i didn't experience fear or bad nerves.
I'd say my gut feeling was correct and i'm confident enough after the accident to pick up the bike again.

But... my beauty is now warming up in the garage and... if you'll excuse me, i'm going to wash the salts from her body and dry her up again. ;)


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Well, i can say that i didn't expect this weather, but after we were in Amsterdam we just had to push on.
It's not like i was scared, but whenever i rode over some white lines i didn't expect or sewage seal i did crinch a little.

Not going to do that again, so she is going to stay in the garage until the weather gets above freezing point and stops snowing.

Next investment... MC boots :p

Oh, and she's nice and clean again now ^_^
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