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Hi all new and existing members,

In an effort to try and keep the forum neat and uncluttered, please ensure that before you start a new thread in regards to "how to" types of questions, that you have thoroughly read your user guide that comes brand new with each motorcycle and is located underneath your passenger seat for your convenience.

The following points and adjustments are covered in detail in the user guide:
  • Safety Checks & Periodic Maintenance
  • Loading & Accessories
  • How to Ride the Motorcycle
  • Safe Operation of the Motorcycle
  • General Information about the Motorcycle
  • Maintenance & Adjustments such as Oil, Coolant, Air Cleaner, Throttle, Clutch, Chain, Brakes, Brake light switches, Suspension, Wheels, Battery, Headlight, Fuses and Lubrication, Idle Speed
  • Types of Lubricants required, Fuel type and how to fill your fuel.
  • Even how to wash your motorcycle.
And finally at the back of that user guide, there is also a trouble shooting section to help with trying to eliminate any error or problem you may be having in the first instance.

By all means if you have read the user guide and are still in need of assistance, please dont hesitate to ask and someone will assist you in time.

We also have a DIY section on the forum, which conveniently lists all mods, maintenance and any other little tidbits that you could possibly want to do to your nice new shiny Ninja 300!! Please have a look in this section also for any info that may be listed that you are after, there is lots of helpful hints and tips and some really great write-ups including videos and step by step instructions. This particular section is located here:


Most of all enjoy your new bike, whether it be your first or the next in the long line of bikes owned......... the Ninja 300 is a great bike to own, fun to ride. Enjoy the forum!!!
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