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How the heck do I clean this.... Pls help.

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How the heck do i clean this thing. I took off all the fairings and more and obviously theres a lot of exposed cables and stuff. Bike sat for so many years. That white you see? All gunk and dust. Im assuming I just have to do it by hand with a microfiber. Any suggestions?

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If you have an air compressor blast it off with an air hose and then give it all a good wipe by hand. I use to be meticulous about it cleaning the entire bike and the inside of my fairings perfectly every time I had them off. The truth is, if you can't see it when the bikes all put together there's no point in stressing about keeping it spotless. It's good practice I think, if you take a part off, clean it reasonably well before re-installing it but no need to go overboard. It'll just get dusty and dirty again and no one will ever see it. That's my take anyway. :geek:
Wd-40 works wonders as well and won't damage anything by giving it a quick wipe down. I've been bathing my bikes in it for years, just keep it away from the brake rotors.
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