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How the heck do I clean this.... Pls help.

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How the heck do i clean this thing. I took off all the fairings and more and obviously theres a lot of exposed cables and stuff. Bike sat for so many years. That white you see? All gunk and dust. Im assuming I just have to do it by hand with a microfiber. Any suggestions?

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I like Simple Green on a microfiber as opposed to WD40. It dries almost entirely clean, so it's not a death sentence to brake components.

But yeah you just gotta wipe stuff out/off. I bought a bike from someone's yard and indeed I spent literal weeks wiping down and cleaning everything during my restoration. It takes time.

But you know, these things were built to play, and play time doesn't always stay clean. So if it runs fine, and you did the easy wipe/hose down, and everything is fine, it's probably alright. Unless you're like me and it has to be perfect, it shouldn't be a big deal. But if you wanna clean it, you should!

1 - 1 of 5 Posts