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With my previous bikes (ninja 250 was stock, f4i had a slip on when I bought it) I have never done any mods, other than appearance stuff. So I'm not really familiar with how much of an improvement power mods such as exhaust, power commander, ect actually give.

But let's say once everything is available, you were to throw on a full exhaust, and get a power commander/juice box. How much would this affect the 300 power-wise? Would it compare AT ALL to some bigger bikes, perhaps a stock ninja 650r or the older ninja 500? Or would it just be a little quicker than a stock ninja 300? Obviously not supersports.

I know there isn't any definite numbers on the gains with the said mods right now, but I'm just curious to hear what you guys with some more experience with modding have to say.

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i know nothing about bikes and i can tell you that if this bike makes 36whp stock, i would never ever expect over 41-42whp fully tuned with intake and full exhaust.

power to weight ratio is 0.095 stock

the old 650s make 65ish whp and only weigh 22lbs more than the 300.

power to weight ratio is 0.167

not gonna make it anywhere near as fast. you can just make it a little bit more peppy.

1/4 mile time for 650r:
11.288 @ 109.8 stock 135 lb rider

i think our bike with a 135lb rider would be in the low 14's lol.

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Scorpion is claiming 3.4 wHP gain with their non-catted full exhaust system, though as always, aftermarket claims are usually idealized or inflated to woo sales. If it's anywhere near accurate, 10% gain from exhaust alone is impressive.

That said, we'll need an independent back-to-back dyno with datalogging to back it up.

Doing a very quick Google search on some other bike engine dynos just to get a ballpark, the mid-priced 600's and 650's appear to be hovering in the 100 to 110 wHP/L. That puts our 300 right in the thick of that in stock form. The supersport 600cc's are more like 150-170 wHP/L, which I don't envision being probable with our affordable 300 without some big work. In other words, 48 wHP is shooting for the stars, but higher 30's wHP seems probable without a major budget.

My quick $0.02,
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