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How fast do you go on 90 degree turns?

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I don't know if I am right or wrong, but I feel like at low speed when you turn, you turn the handlebar in the direction you want to go, but at higher speeds you push the handlebar to counter steer and make the bike lean and therefore turn where you want to go. When making a 90 degree turn at a light - say you are cruising on a road at 40mph, change lanes into the left turn lane and the light is green, so you don't need to stop, but what speed do you slow down to? Considering the fact that the crosswalk strips at the beginning of the turn and the end are slippery, not to mention the cement part of the road for water to flow across the street when raining are slippery even when dry, how fast do you go during the turn approximately?
I used to have no question about it and would make the turns smoothly, but then I dropped the bike in a slippery area water drain area (when it was dry) making a sharp turn at low speed while leaning (the front wheel slid from under me, although I did not break, I just continued with the throttle, the wheel continued to slide out more until both I and the bike were on the ground :( Heartbreaking to drop a brand new bike, needless to say that made me less confident on turns and I don't lean as much, but I figure I should see how more experienced people turn. When do you start the lean, when do you come out of the lean, and how fast do you go when entering the turn (before speeding up at apex)?
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The 300 has a factory installed "Kawasaki Turn Speed Sensor" or KTSS standard. Just go as fast as it takes to activate the audible chirping indicator of the KTSS and stay at or under that speed.

Kinda sounds like tires squealing on pavement! :eek:
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Not the place to be testing your skills. Get on a track. Go to a empty parking lot. You shouldn't be entering a turn wondering where you will end up at the opposite side. You certainally are not ready for the squirrel, turtle, dog, deer or guy changing a flat parked at the apex. :eek:

Hate to be that guy, I ride fast but am never more than 7/10ths on the street and that is rare.

Want to really learn? Get a used XR80-100, slap cheapo street tires on it and go do a mini endurance race on a go kart track, race mini sumoto or just go slide around in an empty field around cones.
Lol I have an xr80r. The only time I enter the hairpin I am talking about is when there is nothing around. I have 1/4mi visibality and it is a mostly unused back road. I would love to be on a track but can't.

The only obstacle, my friend, is youself. :cool:

And if you are stretching your limits you will eventually pay for it from a spill of antifreeze or diesel fuel. A splash of coolant on a track nearly killed one of the greatest riders of all time, Doug Henry. He is paralyzed now thanks to a few drops of fluid.

Being barely able to stay in your lane or side of the road is askin for bad things. Sermon over.
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Before King Kenny we would just drag a toe!
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