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Hi guys and gals

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New guy from NY. I've been riding for years now but I'm looking for a new bike. Someone backed into my last bike and totaled it. Bye bye Yamaha. :( So I was on the net and saw the ninja 300. Looks awesome. I've been riding 600s mostly but don't think I really need all that power anymore for my riding.( to work and riding with the guys) So I'm here to get some info on the 300 and chat with new people.
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What part of NY are u from ?

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I live in Greenwich. North of Saratoga
welcome! the 300 will be perfect, I was a 600 rider myself years ago
The 300 is a good balance of power and gas mileage. Perfect for the city. Enjoy

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your Yamaha :(
600's are fun but going to and from work, the 300 is perfect. You made the right choice!

When are you planning to pick up a 300? Have you decide on a color?
Well the season is pretty much over here so, I'll most likely wait til next season unless I find a good deal. When I first saw them I really liked the white, but the green special edition is growing on me. I've never had abs on a bike so I'm not sure. Are there any cons to having abs on a bike?
Only con is the cost. I've never had it. I've logged over a quarter million miles on bikes so far. Never felt the need to have it.
That being said, I wouldn't mind having abs...

Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the forums! I was looking at possibly purchasing either an R6 or a CBR250, but then Kawasaki came out with the 300, which seems to be the best of both worlds as far as I was concerned!!! Commuter bike is also why I am choosing the 300.. Keep checking back and keeping us updated on your purchase!

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Ok, I've been doing a lot of looking around and I'm starting to really like the cbr250r. The colors of the 2013s are sweet too. Hondas fit and finish are excellent and they're super reliable. So for the money I'm thinking of getting one of those instead of the 300. Any thoughts?

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Go to store and physically look and sit on one, they are just to small and skinny for my taste, and the fairing are just ugly. The mechanics are good, just bad design and small frame in my opinion. While your there, look at the design and bulk feel of the 300. You will see one in person. The cbr just looks like kids toy...

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I agree with Hydro, I considered getting the CBR 250 in Repsol color for a minute, but seeing them in person, they look really small (I'm 5'11" & 190 lbs) The Ninja 300 is a full size bike. Also, all the comparisons of the CBR 250 and the Ninja 250, the Ninja won every time even though it had a carburetor. Every advantage that the CBR had over the Ninja (fuel injection & ABS) are now gone, plus the added size of the bike and there's no contest.

And welcome to the forum :D
Thanks for the welcomes. I've sat on both and the cbr is smaller, but the build quality seems better. The 300 is sexier looking for sure and faster. But so are the 600s I'm used to riding. I'm looking for a smaller, light, fun bike to ride around town, go to work, and hit the twisties on the weekends. Maybe longer rides with my pops every once and awhile. I think the cbr fits the bill. Not that the 300 couldn't do the same, it just doesn't feel as well built to me. But everyone is different. So, I think I'm going to get the Honda. Plus with some upgrades the little 250 is going to be so much fun.

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One cylinder vs two... Good luck which ever way you choose.

Go 300 for sure. I wish I would have went bigger because I don't like the idea of turning 7,000 rpm's all the way to work.

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I just ordered a 2013 cbr250r ABS (white,red,and blue). With an Akrapovic pipe, zero gravity windscreen, and some Asv levers.

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