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Hi All,

I'm from Sydney Australia,I joined the forum a week ago and have been patrolling these forums checking out bits and bobs. Decided today to say hi, im hoping to goto the dealer this saturday and put a deposit down for the White non-abs Ninja 300. Might have to drive around a bit to find the best deal.

I've been riding for 9 months, i currently have a Ninja ZX2R 250 and did a compression test this weekend and my first and second cylinders have hardly any compression. This bike has taught me well but its time for it to go. Will either try to find a 2nd hand motor to replace and sell, or sell the bike as is for a cheaper price..regardless i want the new Ninja 300 :) who needs carbies when you got EFI!

My plans for my new bike is to add reflective red rim tape, a fender eliminator and an M4 Exhaust after i break in the engine :cool: thats about it for now.

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