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Sup fella's...I'll give you a quick background...

Im a new rider and I bought myself '13 Moto guzzi V7 Stone to build a cafe racer. I ordered it in Feb and have been riding it since mid April. My wife and I have talked about both of us riding MC's for a while now, at the end of the year I decided it was time. Ive put off riding since my late teens....then life happened...then life scared me...but you cant live life afraid of everything, all you can do is respect it and trust yourself. So my wife was nervous, until she seen me enjoying myself so much on the bike. Now she has decided to not wait anymore...time to do it.

We looked briefly at bikes, but after looking at reviews and the bike in person...there only seemed to be one good choice...the new Kawi 300. Ive been impressed with its reviews, I think it will be a nice addition for both of us to ride. I look forward to riding it and to watch my wife learn and hone her skills on the bike. I also cant wait to mod it as well. We bought it thursday and we pick it up on Tuesday.

Stay safe

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