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2017 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS Winter Test Edition
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Hey guys,
I'm Sammy, originally from the UK but I live in Texas. I'm a firefighter/ medic / tactical medic and brand spanking new to owning a motorcycle. I am a true motorhead and love my car to the point that it is almost a little weird 馃槄

Always wanted a motorcycle, never got around to it. A few months ago my son took his own life. He always used to tell me how proud he was of having a cool mom and how I should get a bike and stop putting it off. I'm in a pretty deep, dark place at the moment, so figured now would be a good time to do it. Motivation, keep me occupied and I already know the amazing therapy my car provides and from what I have heard a motorcycle tops that.

I got a 2017 Ninja 300 ABS Winter Test Edition for a great price.
I haven't really even ridden it yet, it is in 3000 bits in my dining room. Cluster console needed replacing as it was full of epoxy (go figure!) and I ditched the rear signal lights assembly as it was cracked and replaced my taillight with an integrated one and replaced the windshield. Also bought a cover for the passenger seat. Tons of crappy wiring jobs and cheap LEDs and decals to remove but I'm nearly there!

Sorry for the novel and I apologize in advance for the flurry of seemingly stupid questions that are incoming. Love the 'How to" section and I look forward to meeting you all 馃榿

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Welcome to the forum! And you are correct, a motorcycle is a wonderful form of therapy.

I'm very sorry to hear about your son.

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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of bikes. I'm also sorry to hear about your son...that sucks. Riding is a great form of therapy, like Rogue said. It's one of those things where you have to be in the moment...your mind really can't be elsewhere when riding..no time to dwell on other stuff.

There's a really good youtuber, Million Dollar Bogan, a crazy Australian guy, very successful real estate person, who rides Harleys where they should never be ridden. He's lost a brother to suicide and regularly focuses on mental health and well being (mostly men's mental heath..as that is usually an after thought). Lots of people riding can relate in one way or another. Hang in there...what is crap now will slowly heal. It just takes time.

Enjoy the bike and hope you get better weather in Texas, soon!

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I got a 2017 Ninja 300 ABS Winter Test Edition...
That bike sucks!
KIDDING!!! :cool:; you have impeccable taste ---> I have the EXACT same bike, 2017 Winter Test Edition! :D
You will undoubtedly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE riding this bike once you get it back together. It's a GREAT bike, and an excellent bike to learn to ride on. I thought I might outgrow it, but still haven't.
Plenty of power, looks good, and a thrill to ride!

Likely you already know, but there's something called the "Motorcycle Safety Program" or similar; it's a nationwide attempt to teach new (and experienced) riders how to ride, and how to ride safely.
They have several courses (mostly free or low cost, depending on State) with different skill levels; the new rider is provided with smaller, 125cc, simple bikes, where they teach the basics. For more experienced riders, they offer more advanced courses. It's an absolutely fantastic resource to us riders! Here's a link to their main website (you can check by zip code, if it's available near you): Motorcycle Safety Foundation Home Page
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, here in Pennsylvania, they stopped the courses for most of 2020, and only just restarted the program in limited locations.
[Almost] EVERYONE on this forum recommends new riders go through this safety course.

Did your Ninja go before you bought it, i.e. are you just making it nicer, or are you actually making a non-working Ninja run?
Please send us a picture of your dining room! :)(y)
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