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Hey everyone

i need some help please

so I got a ninja 300 and on it is a MGP slip on and a power commander. When I got the bike about a year ago it was running on a yoshimura map with the MGP slip on and had black smoke coming out of the exhaust so I decided to change it to the a stock map which fixed it.

I had ridin the bike before But right now it’s being sitting for a while like couple months in the garage and I was going to take out for a ride but then noticed a leak coming from where the Slip on connects to the pipe and when I tried smelling it didn’t smell like anything but It was black im not sure what is it. Inside of the slip on was dry before turning it on and when I turned it on and leak happened it was wet no sure if this means anything.
Leak is also small but u can see something it dripping

I also checked the engine oil but it kind of smelt like gas not sure if that’s normal
If any one knows what this is and what’s going on it will be much appreciated thanks.

i also did have a problem with the engine oil where the inside of the cap was white but now that does seem to occur

The picture is the problem i had before if u zoom u can kind of the white stuff
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Light Crankset

Any help would be appreciated thanks


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