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Yeah that white stuff looks a bit odd...

Sometimes a lot of water can condense inside an exhaust as it cools and just sits over time, but it shouldn't be anything more than a few drops maybe. But either way, an exhaust leak is an exhaust leak if fluid (and presumably exhaust gasses) can escape anywhere other than out the muffler. If that is the case, maybe take the slip-on off and check for gaskets, and replace if there is any in there.

Topaz is right on the money too. Maybe some engine sealant or something came off inside the engine and is circulating in the oil. Not a good thing, but not the end of the world. That's what filters are for! I would idle or ride the bike just enough to get the engine fully or mostly warmed up, and do the oil change. That way, you force any debris in the oil right into the filter, and anything that doesn't get to the filter is then in hot, more freely flowing oil, and will hopefully come out when you do an oil change. And when you do the drain, really tip the bike around, give it a shake, and open the filler cap to really let all the oil come out for a good while.

I would only really be concerned if the issues of gas smell and stuff in the oil persist past an oil change, and dusting the bike off and getting some miles on it. Things tend to get gross and clumpy when they sit too long!

Hope this helps.
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