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In my opinion, both issues are from moisture/condensation.

If the engine isn't run enough to get up to operating temp, and stay there, the condensation inside the engine and exhaust will not evaporate.

Water boils at 100C/212F, and the oil needs to get to that point and stay there long enough to evaporate moisture and unburned fuel.

Carbed 250s would drain gas from the tank into the oil if the petcock and float valves malfunctioned, but it would be odd for a 300, because it is F.I., to dump fuel into the oil. I think it's just typical unburned fuel from the rich condition at start-up that hasn't burned off.

My suggestion would be to go for a long ride. That will evaporate all the water and fuel in the oil and moisture in the exhaust system.

That's one of the reasons that starting an engine during storage to "warm it up" is a bad idea. Even extended idling isn't going to get the engine hot enough to burn off the contaminants and moisture that you are putting into the engine during start-up. It takes a decent amount of actual riding to do it.
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