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Hello from Berkeley, CA!

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Hello all,

I'm a new rider from Berkeley. Thought I stop by here and say HI. Hope to find a lot of good pointers from the veterans and experienced riders here in the forum. Just signed the papers last weekend and my new bike should be delivered by this weekend or early next week.

As for myself, I work in San Francisco and working for a non-profit organization, National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Tonight, I'll be busy browsing through the forums for good information for beginners like me.

And thanks to the Head Lady in Charge for fixing my account.

-- Eddie
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Welcome !!

I'm from Fairfield , CA.

Should meeting with people who ride Ninja 300 in Bay Area someday soon.
Welcome Hayward sounding off!

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Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here. :D
Welcome! I'm in the city myself! Hope to see you around!
Good to see some Bay Area folks in the forum. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
Welcome. :)

If you haven't yet done so, take the MSF Beginner's course to get used to riding a bike in general. Then, once you have completed the course, take the intermediate course(basic rider course 2 in CA) with your bike (it's pretty much the same course but 1 day instead of 3 with tighter tolerance and on your own bike.) You'll get to really get a good feel for your bike and it really hastens up the learning factor for riding. The basic rider course 2 can seriously cut a good month or two of learning on your new bike than if you were to just tool around on your own.

here's a link for CA:https://training.msf-usa.org/ca-msp/street/enroll/streetintro.aspx

Good luck and welcome :)


Almost forgot to add, CA is the first state that I know of to offer the street riding course. (It was beta tested in CA.) After you complete the BRC you can then take your own bike out on a group ride with a rider coach and a few other students and he/she'll talk you through how to ride on different street setups and clue you in on what to watch for and common dangers and techniques for general riding. This is an awesome course and one I wish they had when I first started riding in AZ.
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Hey FreelancerMG, I already took the MFC course few months back and already have my license. I signed up at California Rider Education down in Alameda. I like their training site because it's right at a Naval Base. It just took me a while to get the bike that I wanted due to work.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your 300.
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