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Having good footwear destroyed by gear changing?

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Hey, after put'n in many hours of rubber on the Rd, we all see how the gear shift leaver eat's away at your shoe-boot. & those endless contraptions, which are all missing the target, out there to cash in on the fix remedy? So after talking this over with bike club members , 5 of us have made a bet, where the winner gets a shouted dinner from the other 4, to come up with a gear shift shoe/boot saver set up, But the parts cant cost more than $5. So we have a 8 week time limit, & who knows? Someone might come up with a jem? So in 2 months time, if we have a winner? I'll post it up.
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I used to use an old sock which I cut from the heel up. I sleeve it in over the shoe. I worked just fine. I actually used them in both shoes to keep them away from water and street dirt.

I also have used rubber sleeves on the lever and those rubber pads that attach to the shoe, but those cost more than $5.
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